The Support Team

Dave Evans:

Dave leads our renovation department.  He has over 40 years of experience in the industry, specializing in renovating existing pools.  Dave works closely with other areas within the company to make sure our projects run smoothly.  Dave has earned a solid reputation in the industry, consistently delivering projects on time and on budget.

Jim Hudmon:

Jim oversees our Plaster Division.  Jim has been with Wilcoxon Pearl for over 40 years.  He started his career as a mixer-man on the back of the plaster truck.  Over the years Jimmy has worked in every position of the plaster crew.  He has overseen the Plaster Division for over 25 years.  He stays current in the industry, attends annual plaster seminars and is always looking for ideas and best practices to improve our services.

Thomas Grubby:

Thomas Grubby is our coping and tile division manager who has been in the pool industry since coming to Wilcoxon Pearl in 1982. He is well versed in the construction designs needed for the area we do business. He is a detail-oriented individual who is responsible for estimating as well as preparation of bid proposals. He oversees job scheduling, material procurement, cost control and quality control.

Jeff Tedder:

Jeff is our Repairs/Warranty Manager.  Jeff has been with us since he was barely old enough to work.  With years of experience working in all areas of the company, he handles everything from minor repairs to any Warranty work that may be needed.

Frank LaDue:

Frank is the President of Wilcoxon Pearl.  Frank’s background includes over 20 years in Maintenance, Construction and Operations in the Theme Park Industry.  He also spent 8 years in the Landscape Industry.