Wilcoxon Pearl Can Help You Find The RIGHT Finish For Your Swimming Pool

For some choosing a water color can be an agonizing decision. You’ve probably made a hundred decisions already when it comes to the construction of your swimming pool. The pool finish however, is probably one of the most important choices you will make for your pool. Not only for the aesthetics, but also the pool will need to stand up to a harsh underwater environment. There are so many influences on water color that we can only give you an idea or “in most cases” type of an answer to the water color you will get from a pool finish. The most common variables that influence pool water color are size, depth, the pool’s surroundings, sunlight, pool water chemistry and any preconceived ideas. Wilcoxon Pearl can help.

So no matter what your preference, from regular White Marcite to any of our upgraded products Wilcoxon Pearl can deliver the exact finish you desire.

Watch to Learn How to Select Your Watercolor: